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Rainy Season

At Villa Selina we occasionally get waves that are way worth surfing….. today was one of those epic days. There is nothing better than to wake up to the roar of the surf and know you are going to score.

Being in a remote village on the North East coast of Bali no-one really ever expects waves and neither did I when we first moved here. So it was a pleasant surprise when we started working on the Resort and a small little swell came marching in.

Today the number of Surfers that have surfed our piece of paradise is around 60. Only guests and friends that we have invited have had the privilege to surf our spot.

The waves this morning were from the North west and ran down the coastline like little gems. This direction is common in the rainy season and provide long lefts that slide by the resort.

We are a surfing family; my wife, Putu, and kids Selina and Ray always love paddling out and getting amongst it. WE have a surplus of boards to suit all types and standards of surfing and being an ex- pro surfer I offer lessons to guests. Nothing makes us happier than sharing the waves at Villa Selina with our guests as there isn’t another surfer for 100 miles.