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North Bali

The district of Buleleng is a complete contrast to the south of the island. North Bali is becoming more popular with travelers as they are happy to leave the hustle and bustle of Kuta behind and go searching for the real Bali. The north of the island is less inhabited and still has many environmental and cultural aspects to enjoy. It boasts rugged mountains that meet the coastal villages where fishermen use traditional jukungs to catch their daily fish.

The markets in North Bali come alive during the early hours of the morning. The indigenous people still buy all of their produce that they need for the day from the early morning markets. The activity is vibrant and the colors and aromas add a unique festive atmosphere. The assortment of fruits, vegetables, spices and meats ensure a pleasant shopping experience. Afterwards villagers head home to cook cultural dishes for their families to pick on throughout the day. The Balinese traditionally cook once in the morning and then leave their food in dark cooling, kitchen cabinets so the family can help themselves as they go about their duties.

For adventurers who like to travel the road less travelled, North Bali is waiting to be explored. A mixture of natural sights and traditional activities make North Bali a unique experience. Tourism is catered for with visits available to the many waterfalls and Hot Springs. There is loads of trekking and this part of the island boasts a landscape where the volcanic mountains meet the sea. You can also try many of the ocean sports and activities on offer. Diving, dolphin watching, fishing and snorkeling are very popular with visitors. At Villa Selina we have a range of tours for our guests to enjoy.

All in all North Bali is a great destination for a holiday.