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Villa Selina is an Eco Resort. We are very active in waste management and looking after the environment. We have been active in eco programs in the area for the last 10 years. Our villa has stopped the aquarium poaching on Bondalem’s existing reefs and initiated reef clean-up projects every year. The coastal reefs in front of us were under siege when we first started building here. Many boats and divers hell bent on poaching and overfishing were decimating the fish stocks and their coral habitats. The poachers were using potassium cyanide to spray the fish so netting them was easy. The potassium cyanide stuns the fish so it is unable to escape, unfortunately after the chemicals have hit their target the cyanide then attaches itself to the reef and kills the living organisms that are needed for the coral to grow. As an Eco Resort we felt it our responsibility to halt this destructive practice and sought a letter of authority from the local Banjaar. After it was obtained we physically removed the culprits. For the last 5 years we have seen large numbers of tropical fish returning and more recently seen the area become a ‘marine sanctuary’ where any kind of poaching or fishing is illegal. Next time you buy aquarium fish please understand you are supporting such worldwide immoral networks.

Our Eco Resort is also responsible for stopping all shooting in the area. Hunters previously came from everywhere to shoot birds, squirrels and anything else that moved. Again Villa Selina was behind the lobbying for a gun free environment. We have sponsored many signs that have deterred shooters and given them warning that it is an illegal practice in our village. Many of the birds have returned and it’s wonderful hearing their song in the early morning. We have 2 large aviaries in the villa where we nurse injured and sick birds back to health. We are very active in bird rescue and bird release.

Our Eco Resort has a school program where we sponsor 30 children every year and take them down to the Bird Park or the Bali zoo in Denpasar to educate them on ecology. The children receive an opportunity to see amazing creatures close up and get to understand their natural beauty. We have also had environmental days at some of the schools promoting bird release, reptile handling, tree planting and education in waste management. The response is encouraging and the children are always receptive in understanding the issues facing their village when it relates to caring about the environment.

Being a Eco Resort we now have reef tours available for guests who want to see the magnificent coral first hand that is growing back due to our care and management. The fish stocks are multiplying and many species are returning. We hope that our Eco Resort will be one day used as an example of what others can achieve.