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In October 2017 we have had the chance to explore Bondalem. We did around 60 dives – 3 divers in 10 days. All dives were shore dives in a range of 150m along the northern part of Bondalem, just because we stayed there. It was just easy diving – taking the equipment and start. There is the opportunity to visit more and different places and arrange boat dives – we will do this the next time may be. But there was enough to explore and take photos in this range as well.
Our background from which we comparing Bondalem to other places: one diver with more than 850 dives and is photographer for more than 20 years, two younger divers with more than 160 dives each. Normally we dive a little in Europe but mostly around the Philippines and Indonesia. Sometimes we explore new places like Vietnam, Northern Sri Lanka etc.
So I guess we have already seen a lot. But still we found some new or seldom things to take photos in Bondalem.
You will find lot of nice animals you may also find somewhere else: nudibrands, different morays, lion fish, blue spotted sting rays, lobsters, trumpet fish, razor fish, scorpion fish, mantis shrimp, sometimes bumphead parrot fish and a lot more. The scenery is blocks of corals and in between dark sand.
But you can find seldom animals as well: ghost pipe fish, crocodile fish, clown frog fish, bobtail octopus We love the very small critters e.g. xeno crabs, skeleton shrimps, harlequin shrimp and different kind of shrimps and crabs you may not have seen before.
The people providing the diving in Bondalem (www.divebondalem.com) have their background in reef protection. They have started an artificial reef.


Lena, Jasmin, Heidi and Heiko.